Friday, 14 November 2014



Dir: Drew Daywalt
Starring: Kerry Finlayson, Edin Gali, Peter Gilberti

Do you like being scared, but don’t have much more than two minutes to spare?
Well, you’re in luck!
Today I’m going to give you a little short to check out from the superb FEWDIO studios. They’re a group of very accomplished filmmakers (I particularly admire Drew Daywalt, the director of this short) and this is one of their finest and most terrifying efforts. So, if you feel brave enough, crack on!

SUMMARY: As this is very, very short, I won’t spoil too much. A young woman in bed with her sleeping partner is woken in the middle of the night by her mobile phone ringing.
When she answers it, she receives a legitimately chilling shock…

WHY IT WORKS: First last week’s Lights Out and now this — I’ve come to the conclusion that bedtime is the scariest time of the day!
The short is MASTERFULLY shot, slowly and surely ratcheting up the tension (the slowly increasing volume of the ticking clock really contributes to the taut atmosphere). Kerry Finlayson does a fine job of acting out the horrific scenario and special praise must go to the special effects work during THE reveal. A dark simple setting, a brilliantly creepy premise and assured camera work make this short real nightmare-fuel.

SO WHERE’S IT AT? Well the lazy among you can watch it right here!

However, please do visit FEWDIO’s official web site here or their YouTube channel here. Alternatively, like them on Facebook and show some support to these great filmmakers.
These links give you access to even more of their shorts, so be prepared to spend plenty of time scaring yourself witless as you catch up with their amazing back catalogue.

10 WORD WRAP UP: Late night call turns into a truly scary short film

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