Thursday, 13 November 2014

Watch Her Name Was Torment FOR FREE

A very quick blog post for you all.
Dustin Wayde Mills, the director of horror film Her Name Was Torment, and collaborator Matthew Goodfriend have posted the film to view online for free until Sunday 16th November. They are doing this to raise awareness and drum up support for a sequel to the film.
Her Name Was Torment follows an unnamed serial killer while she is interviewed by a psychiatrist after her arrest for the murder of 27 people. The interview is intercut with footage of her stalking, capturing, torturing and brutally dismembering a male victim.
I've just watched the film and will be writing a proper review soon. However, I must warn you all, it is challenging. There is extreme violence (half the film consists of a lengthy torture sequence), nudity and even necrophilia.
Despite this, it is fascinating and certainly crawls inside your head. If you feel you can take the subject matter, you can view the film via the Facebook page Watch Her Name Was Torment Free! (And Support The Second Film)
It includes a link to YouTube where the film can be viewed.
If you do watch the film, please then head to and make a donation towards making the sequel.
Review soon, but until then check it out!

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