Wednesday, 26 November 2014


When I started this blog, I saw it very much as a fun hobby, something to come to every now and then and devote plenty of hours to dissecting a classic horror film from my dvd collection. I enjoyed doing that. Counting the number of onscreen kills, lovingly laughing as I found ways to poke fun at the events onscreen with my Sinister Sister, jotting down the most quotable snippets of dialogue (and often using them in conversation for weeks afterwards!).
I do still love doing that, but now this blog and the Hickey’s House of Horrors brand as a whole has evolved. Through organic growth, I've now become a part of the online horror community, who are the most welcoming and greatest group of people you really could hope to mingle with. What this means is that I have been in contact with plenty of talented film-makers who send me new or upcoming releases to review.

As I'm sure you understand, this is fantastic and helps me tip you, my readers, onto some great upcoming gems (and trust me, with the reviews I have in the pipeline I have some real diamonds for you to discover!). The only problem is that the heavily in-depth review style I adopted early on, really doesn’t work for these films. It completely spoils them for one thing, which isn’t fair to you guys OR the people that worked so hard on the films and want their audiences to be surprised by their work.

So now things need to change.

I’m going to write two types of review from now on. One, like the current Scary Cinematic Snapshot, will be quick, to the point but mostly spoiler-free. These will be Raw Reviews. I may even design a little logo for them. If a film is brand new or not yet released, this will be the format I use to let you know about them.

If the film has been out for some time, I’ll assume that a lot of you will have seen or at least be very familiar with the title. These will be the ones that take my long and often more irreverent take on reviewing. And these shall be called From The Crypt.

I’m going to go into each review I’ve written so far and assign one of these labels, so it’ll make it easier for you to tell if you risk spoilers. I think this will make navigating this blog MUCH more simple and I’m genuinely over the moon that the House has grown so quickly and so strong, thanks mainly to you guys sharing the reviews, liking the Facebook page and clicking on the ads. The blog has already reached 7500 people, which is far more people than I ever thought would want to hear me wittering on about Bruce Campbell, tiny shorts, my burgeoning love of Bill Oberst Jr, Grace Jones, the fantastic array of short films for genre fans and a certain ruggedly stoic actor who may well be the patron saint of this House.

Thank you all for getting me and the House this far. I’ve got plenty of great stuff in store for you all. Until next time, I really do hope you have enjoyed your stay.

PS Have a photo of LANCE FUCKING HENRIKSEN looking cool as a gift for being so great

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Until next time, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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