Friday, 30 January 2015


This absolutely hits the spot for me. 
As a father, I’ve experienced my fair share of bizarre pre-school Cbeebies TV programming, and one of the very longest running of these is the freaky Pingu.
First hitting screens back in 1986, the Swiss children’s favourite created by Otmar Gutmann, follows a weird family of stop-motion animation penguins who live in igloos in the Antarctic and bellow at each other in a gobbledy-gook style of speech.
It is as messed up as it sounds.

You know what else is messed up and takes place in the Antarctic? John Carpenter‘s phenomenal sci-fi horror classic The Thing!
If only somebody, somewhere had the time to combine these…

I think you know where this is going. Long-term reader of Hickey’s House of Horrors, Sgt Keelo was kind enough to bring the immensely talented and very, very awesome Lee Hardcastle’s Pingu/Thing hybrid (It needs to be called Thingu!) to my attention.
As a huge The Thing fan, the details in this incredible little video made my day and then some!
Want to check it out? OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!!
It’s right here! Go nuts!

Anybody out there got anything similar for me? Send it my way!

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