Monday, 15 December 2014


It’s the end of a long, cold, dark Winter Monday and damn it, you need some cheering up. Well, if ever a short would do the job, it’s this one.
Prepare for the unadulterated AWESOME that is Hellyfish


Dir: Patrick Longstreth, Robert McLean
Starring: Agnes Asplund, Mohammed Sinbawy, Abraham Lebos, Liberty Lebos, Jessica Lebos, Maggie Hart, Gary Hill, Lillian McCotter, Nikita Carpenter, Anthony Paderewski, Gregory Broom, Andrew McClelland

SUMMARY: The short opens with a quick text explanation for the opening scene: a nuclear weapon is missing, lost somewhere in the ocean not far from Tybee Island, Georgia. As a Russian spy (Asplund) and Syrian terrorist (Sinbawy) look to recover it for their own nefarious means, they instead disturb the local jellyfish population — one that has mutated due to exposure to the weapon’s leaking radiation.
Later, several normal everyday people, including high school it-girls the triplets (McCotter), lunkheaded jocks (Paderewski and Broome) and local fisherman Captain Shaw (Hill) are gathering on the beach to enjoy a sunny, summer afternoon. Little do they realise that something terrible is heading their way…

WHY IT WORKS: This short is marvelous! Combining the B-movie fun of the works of Roger Corman or SyFy smash Sharknado, with genuinely fantastic effects work and artful direction, Hellyfish is EASILY one of the best shorts I’ve seen this year (and I’ve watched A LOT of short films).
It feels like a proper 80s creature feature crossed with a 50s drive-in flick and just WORKS.
The humour throughout hits the spot time and time again (even characters that should annoy provoke raucous laughter) and the sheer love that went into making the film is all over the screen. From gory set pieces to well-worked running gags, there is not one creative misfire in this 12-minute riot.
The cast are great, the effects are great, the batshit insane concept is great and by golly, it looks great.
I LOVED the later shots of the giant Hellyfish, and I would be onboard for a feature length outing in the future.
This film was funded through a successful kickstarter campaign — if Longstreth, McLean and co want to start another to make the sequel/feature they’ve got my money!

SO WHERE’S IT AT? Well the lazy among you can watch it right here!

However, please do visit the official Hellyfish web site. It offers all kinds of cool info about the film, it has an online store (as soon as I can buy that poster, I am!) and a handy festival schedule to give you some insight into when you may be able to catch the film on the big screen.
Also, check out the film’s Facebook page here (and Like it, they deserve our love, guys!) and follow the Hellyfish phenomenon on twitter: @hellyfishmovie

10 WORD WRAP UP: Beautifully shot and hilarious homage to wild, wacky monster b-movies

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Until next time, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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