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Long term readers of Hickey's House of Horrors will remember the love that I gave to Conjoined and Derek Huey's micro-budget follow-up, Stalking Miss Barlow.
Well now Huey is back with another project, a short cranked out in just seven days as a part of The Zone Film Race.
With some familiar faces from SMB, could this one strike gold like that did?

I’M SORRY (2015)

Dir: Derek Huey
Starring: Troy Parker, Drew Brown, John Dalbosco, Kristen Perry, Jasmine Darby, Chad Thackston, Evan King, Larissa Dali, Seth Millard

SPEEDY SYNOPSIS: This is a short, so I'll try not to spoil too much here, but read on at your own risk.

Following a shocking attack, police including Detective Ray Johnson (Parker) as well as Officers Rogers and Gingers (Dalbosco and Brown) find themselves dealing with a deranged killer. However, when we see the killer (Thackston) he seems to be reluctant, as if he's being forced to claim victims against his free will.
When he targets a house with two young college students (Perry and Darby) a deadly chain of events is set in motion. Will the girls survive his raid on their home? Will Johnson be able to finally catch his man? And is there really something else behind the killer's intentions?

WHY IT WORKS: Well, Huey and co managed to pack a hell of a lot into eight short minutes.
First off, this is intriguing, it starts with an element of mystery and, ends on an equally fantastic and enigmatic note.
In the middle there are some genuinely humorous moments. Stalking Miss Barlow's Dalbosco is hilarious in his inappropriate behaviour at a crime scene and the Anakin Khan (King) video is laugh out loud funny, especially the all-too short appearance of Millard.
Furthermore, there is a legitimately great jumpscare in that that even caught out this hardened horror reviewer. Good work, sir!
The shift in tone is just one thing that Huey nails well. He also keeps the plot rolling along at a brisk clip and ensures that the film looks pretty great throughout. Huey acted as cinematographer and edited the short himself, so he really did take full control here. What's more, he acquitted himself admirably!
The story is suitably mysterious, reminding me of a particular episode of The X-Files (which I shall not name here so as to not spoil the short), and it unfolds in such a way as to not tip its hand too early or to be too obscure and confuse the viewer.
There are scenes here that are of a significantly higher quality than the humble budget and incredibly strict shooting time would suggest. This is some pretty accomplished filmmaking.
Earlier I mentioned the good work of Dalbosco, King and Millard in their more light-hearted roles, but they aren't the only cast members to impress.
Parker carries his heroic lead role well and shows some decent acting ability with some surprising range. I look forward to seeing more from him.
Possibly the standout of the bunch for me was Perry as the potential victim who is able to turn the tables on the villain. She brings some real emotion to the role and is believable in her earlier back and forth with the likeable and talented Darby. She's cute, she's got excellent range and she has serious acting chops to go with it. She's one to watch, for sure.
Finally, I dug Thackston as the underplayed, tormented and chilling villain of the piece. He manages to be cold, menacing and even a little sympathetic at times. It's a pretty cool performance which makes him a memorable ‘bad guy’ even when he doesn't have that creepy teddybear mask on.
Perhaps the best thing I can say about I'm Sorry is that really does feel like a part of a bigger whole. That's not to say that it feels underdeveloped — far from it, this is a self-contained story with a beginning, a middle and a satisfying end — but it also feels like it has enough depth to warrant expansion. It's a good story, it's well-made by a talented director and contains some cool performances. When you can, you should check it out.

SO WHERE'S IT AT: You can watch the short right here!

10 WORD WRAP-UP: A great achievement and a cool, well-made mysterious short

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